Policies & Forms

Below is a list of Letchworth, Baldock and Ashwell Scout policies and forms with relevant links.
We are working on making all of our policies readily available but in the mean time if the link for the policy you would like to look at is not provided please contact the District.

Chief Scout Award Notification

Form – https://forms.gle/zrsyV4bz9sgfCvj96

You Shape Award Notification

Form – https://forms.gle/vc7wfGJxVFGfbwc49

Activity Approval Policy

Out of District Notification – https://lbd.org.uk/s/out-of-district

Adventurous Activity Notification – https://lbd.org.uk/s/adventurous-activity

Brand Policy

Training Fund Policy

Hardship Fund Policy

Health, Safety, Welfare & Organisation Policy

International Fund Policy

District Health Form