St George’s Day Parade

Each year Letchworth, Baldock & Ashwell district have a parade in honour of our patron saint of scouting, St George.

Each group in the district takes turns in organising this event. Past, present and future organisers can be found below.

20007th MayHighfield School, LetchworthDistrict
200122nd AprilAshwell1st Ashwell
200221st AprilSt. Pauls Church, Letchworth4th Letchworth
200327th AprilSt. Marys Church, Baldock1st Baldock
200425th AprilSt. Georges Church, Letchworth8th Letchworth
200524th AprilSt. Hugh’s Catholic Church5th Letchworth
200623rd AprilCatholic Church, Baldock2nd Baldock
200722nd AprilBroadway Gardens, LetchworthDistrict
200820th AprilCatholic Church, Baldock1st & 2nd Baldock
200926th AprilAshwell1st Ashwell
201024th AprilLetchworth Free Church11th Letchworth
201117th AprilSt. Georges Church, Letchworth7th Letchworth
201223rd AprilCatholic Church, Baldock2nd Baldock
201321st AprilLetchworth Garden City Church12th Letchworth
201427th AprilLetchwoth Garden City Church4th Letchworth
201526th AprilAshwell1st Ashwell
201624th AprilBroadway Gardens, LetchworthDistrict Cubs
201723rd AprilHoward Park, Letchworth5th Letchworth
201822nd AprilSt. Marys Church, Baldock1st Baldock
201928th AprilSt. Georges Church, Letchworth7th Letchworth
202023rd AprilVirtualDistrict
202123rd AprilVirtualDistrict
202224th AprilNorton Common, LetchworthDistrict
202323rd AprilCatholic Church, Baldock2nd Baldock
202421st AprilBroadway Gardens, Letchworth11th Letchworth
2025(12th Letchworth)
2026(8th Letchworth)
2027(1st Ashwell)
2028(4th Letchworth)
2029(5th Lecthworth)
2030(1st Baldock)
2031(7th Letchworth)
2032(11th Letchworth)
2033(2nd Baldock)
2034(12th Letchworth)
2035(8th Letchworth)
2036(1st Ashwell)
2037(4th Letchworth)
2038(5th Lecthworth)
2039(1st Baldock)
2040(7th Letchworth)