Beaver Scouts are the youngest Section of Scouting in our District. Young people can be Beavers from 5 3/4 – 8 years old and join one of 10 Colonies across Ashwell, Baldock and Letchworth.

Each Colony is run by at least two Leaders and usually has up to 24 Beavers. The number of Beavers in a Colony can be affected in a number of ways, including number of Leaders, and the demand for spaces in the Sections above them in their Group.
All the members of the Colony wear the Beavers’ distinctive turquoise jumper and this is where their badges go when they have earned them.
Beavers could earn over 30 badges in their time in the Colony. These include Beaver- specific badges for gardening, looking after a pet, taking photographs, being a scientist and reading, plus staged badges that they can do at any age, like Emergency Aid, Snow sports, Nights Away (for going on our fantastic sleepovers) and Swimming.
All Beavers will work towards their Chief Scout Bronze Award and with regular attendance to meetings, days out and camps they should achieve this.
If you are interested in your young person joining one of our Beaver Colonies, please click here to sign up to our waiting list.