Hello and welcome to the BaLiN network page! We are “That Group” who wear the florescent Pink and Green Neckers, with the Hi-Viz strip- If you see us about, Come say Hello!
BaLiNetwork, stands for Baldock and Letchworth in Network.
However, BALIN was also a character out of the Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings who’s first line just happened to be “I’d rather have a small beer” as he prefers beer over anything else, which we thought was quite fitting.
What do we do?
BaLin help out where needed all around the District helping at weekly meetings, running camp fires or running bases at District and County events. In addition we take part in our own activities and work towards our King’s Scout Award. We are flexible about meeting taking into account members away at University and work commitments.
Since BALiN started, many many moons ago, we’ve been having regular meetings pulling in between 4 and 14 people but desperately want more people to come along. Running an action packed programme is easy with lots of people, but hard if you can’t guarantee numbers.