Teams from all over the county entered the Green Beret Challenge at Phasels Wood on the 18th of November 2017.
The Green Beret Challenge is a full day’s competition for teams of six, it runs from first light until 2300 hrs on Saturday. To achieve the Green Beret Challenge, teams compete in FOUR elements: Orienteering, Assault Course, Challenge Incidents (Daytime) and a Night Exercise. Letchworth and Baldock District entered 36 Scouts from 2nd Baldock, 4th Letchworth, 5th Letchworth, 7th Letchworth and 12th Letchworth, combining to make 6 teams.
The Challenge is designed to test a group of Scouts through a range of physical and intellectual activities and by the evening the scouts were all looking like they had been well and truly challenged. The highlights include seeing who can get the most muddy on the Assault course, Climb the van in the day bases and huge variety of bases laid on including one by Goodie and Glenn Read. All the scouts sleep well on Saturday night.
The weekend finished at 1100 hrs on Sunday with the presentation ceremony. Not all things run to plan and the Winners of the Orienteering Trophy for the County (The 2nd Baldock and 4th Letchworth combined team) weren’t able to find their way to stage to receive the Trophy during the official ceremony and had to receive it at the end.

2nd Fourth Presentation

Four of the 2nd Baldock and 4th Letchworth combined team receiving their Orienteering Trophy.

Green Beret 2017 Results